Maximise operational efficiency and prevent the unnecessary waste of downhole tools and equipment.

Sucker Rod Lift And Production Tool Testing And Repair

Coho Resources are innovators in production tool testing and repair services. Coho recognises that current workover operations result in large quantities of discarded production tools prior to the expected design life period. Inspecting and re-using these tools, rather than discarding them, will maximise operational efficiency and prevent the unnecessary waste of downhole tools and equipment.

Coho can come to your site and test, maintain, or repair your production tools to ensure reliability and safety.

The Coho sucker rod lifting (SRL) system provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for raising or lowering sucker rod strings. This service is performed at the wellsite without the requirement of a rig or crane. It utilizes fully rated equipment that complies to ASME B30.1 lifting standards.

Improved Production Tool Life

Coho can extend the life of production tools. A properly repaired tool can last the life of the well, and beyond.

Maintenance and Repair

Coho is a full service maintenance and repair unit for production tools for reliability and safety

Innovative Lifts

Coho has pioneered hydraulic lifts for sucker rods, getting rid of costly cranes or flush-by units

Decades of Experience

Coho staff have over 15 years of individual experience in drilling and completions

Resource Recovery

The recognition of product re-use is important for reduced waste and material costs.


Production services that are cost, time, and resource efficient are important for projects reliant on drilling and completions. To ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible, talk to one of our experts.


Complete Water and Waste Solutions. Land Spraying founders in Australia. Enhance Savings, Efficiency, and Safety with Coho Resources

Drilling And Completion Fluid Management Services

Coho Resources are the leader in complete fluid management and land spraying in Australia. Your project can improve efficiency using fit for purpose Oil-Field equipment. Using Coho Custom oilfield vac units means fewer vac trucks, sumpless drilling, less water, less time spent, more money saved. We have custom build all land spraying and fluid management solutions in accordance with your requirements. We are 100% Australian owned – by employees, for employees.

Our Complete Range of Fluid Management

Cost Effective

Coho Resources is all about conserving resources, such as water, and saving your company and project money.

Constant Innovation

Coho Resources is always evolving; we strive for innovation in all our fluid management operations

An Environmental Approach

Coho has an environmentally friendly approach to oilfield operations that is driven by minimizing the industry’s footprint.

15+ Years of Expertise

Coho Resources’ expert staff have over 15 years of individual experience in the Oil and Gas industry

Custom Vac Trucks and Sumpless Drilling

Coho deploys our fleet of custom vac trucks, known for reliability and safety and has pioneered mobile sumpless drilling, which eliminates the need for pits or sumps

Safety First

Safety is the number one priority at Coho Resources, the first to implement a spill free alarm in Australia


Arrange a discussion with one of our experts today and see how we can meet your fluid management needs.