Save money and resources on inspecting tubing and sucker rods for reuse, with up to 80% recovery rate

Safe, Technologically Advanced, And Cost-Saving Inspection Services

Coho Resources supports drilling and completion cost efficiency by providing significant savings through our mobile inspection services. Coho uses the latest in global technology to inspect, grade, and re-use otherwise good tubing or rods to ensure well reliability at a much lower cost. Coho’s EMI, non-contact scanner is fast, efficient, and accurate. Our equipment can inspect at normal rig tripping speeds and are all Zone 1, Division 1 rated for safety.

Coho’s sucker rod inspection service can inspect and re-use otherwise good rods, saving your project on both cost and time. Coho transports to and from sites or yards, identifies and tags rods, and can also clean rods for further use. Coho uses a computerised sucker rod inspection system for surface defects (pits, cuts, gouges, wear) and can inspect seating and thread area.


Resource Conscious

Coho mobile tubing inspections can recover up to 80% of used tubing and rods through grading and inspection


Safe To Use

Rated at Zone 1, Division 1 safety rating – the highest possible safety standard



Coho has delivered in excess of $9.2M to clients in more than 100,000 joints of tubing inspected to October 2018.


Real-Time Reporting

Gain insights in real time as tubing is graded in real time while tripping from the well.


Innovative Technology

Coho use the latest in tubing scanning technology as well as ultrasonic testing for spot checks and tubing wall thickness verification


Cleaning and Tagging

Coho’s mobile inspection can clean, tag, and coat inspected sucker rods with inhibitors to increase their lifespan


Coho Resources is taking innovation in mobile inspections to greater heights using globally sourced technology and non-invasive scanning techniques. To find out how your project can benefit in cost and resource savings with Coho, talk to us here.