A true partnership in drilling fluids, customised to your project needs

Local Product, International Expertise

Coho Resources drilling fluids are complete solutions. We engineer our own range of eco-friendly fluids & solutions, custom lost circulation materials (LCM) and speciality blends of drilling and completions fluids for projects across Australia. Coho is proud that almost 100% of Coho’s fluid solutions are sourced locally in Australia. All drilling fluids exceed environmental and safety regulations owing to thorough quality assurance and continuous improvement. Coho uses leading global technology to achieve high efficiency in both time and cost, all without compromising quality.


Environmentally Conscious

Coho LCM drilling fluids are engineered to not only meet, but also exceed environmental safety standards.


Quality Assured

Coho conducts stringent product checks at all stages, ensuring the highest quality for your project.


Australian Sourced

Committed to Australia, almost 100% of Coho’s drilling fluid products and blends are made locally, from local suppliers, for local projects.


Data Driven

We use core and offset data for targeted analysis, using less product while increasing efficiency.


International Expertise

Coho uses the latest in technology and innovations from around the world to engineer drilling fluid solutions and increase efficiency, providing the latest innovations to the Australian market.


Custom Solutions

When you partner with Coho on your drilling and completion project, we collaborate with you to engineer a cost-effective, quality approach


Coho Resources expertise and constant innovation in drilling fluids means you gain the benefit of cost-efficiency and environmentally friendly approaches to drilling and completions. To see how Coho can collaborate with you on your next project, contact us for a friendly discussion.